Q: "Are the measures indicated by president Macron of France on April 13th sufficient?"

In his address, Emmanuel Macron indicated for the first time that masks could be used "starting May 11th [...] for the most exposed professions and in certain cases". So official speech no longer says masks are useless in public space, and we are very happy about this. But a high step remains between this announcement and making masks mandatory for every one, right now, as we wish.

He also indicated that "The French State, from May 11th. onward, [...] will allow every French citizen to have a general public mask." This too is nice to hear, but we are not asking for one mask per person in one month, but for several masks or facial protections, right now.

Finally, regarding manufacturing, the address mentions "This will be possible thanks to our imports, and thanks to a huge mobilization of entrepreneurs and workers, everywhere on the territory, to produce massively this type of mask." This is nice, a "huge mobilization" is exactly what we hope. Let us just regret the absence of any precise figures or any detailed plan -- this being left for the government, "within 2 weeks". While in China, this mobilization has been going on for several months...

Note: the passages between quotes are extracted from the address' full text, as given on the Élysée site. Translation ours.

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