Recommendation 1: Make masks mandatory

For every one of us, wearing a face mask significantly reduces the risk of being contaminated and of contamining others, and thus reduces the propagation of the virus. So the reflex must be:

Stay masked!

The best mask is the one everybody wears!

In short

In line with many international organisms, we believe that wearing a mask in public spaces should be recommended immediately, and made mandatory as soon as possible. The mask is a complement to other measures (social distanciation, hygiene), not a replacement.

As long as the national manufacturing capacity is insufficient to supply the whole population (see our recommendation ), homemade masks or any kind of facial protection can be used.

Wearing the mask

My masks are stored close to the front door, and I use them as follows:

  • On exiting home
    • I carry a small plastic bag or ziploc back
    • I wash my hands thoroughly
    • I immediately put on the mask, checking the fit
  • While out of home
    • I constantly keep the mask on, without displacing it or touching it.
  • Upon returning
    • I wash my hands thoroughly
    • I take the mask off by its ties and put it in the ziploc bag
    • I get rid of it -- or I wash it (and iron it !)
    • I wash my hands thoroughly

See also here for more detail.

Useful links

You can also make your own masks at home, without any sewing:

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